About Sesame

Definition of sesame; It is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Sesame family of binary species. Its homeland is Africa. Read on for more details about sesame seeds.

In Which Regions Does Sesame Grow?

Farming of Sesame is done in Africa, Asia, Europe and Turkey's western and southwestern regions.


What are the Features of Sesame?

The sesame plant grows up to 1 meter in length. Its body has four corners, the body is upright, covered with short hairs and branched. Its Flowers are white color, sometimes become red-yellowish. The seeds are dark yellow in color. its seed are containing 55% oil. Seeds are passed through the crushing process under pressure. The oil obtained in the first and second stages is a golden yellow color fragrant and high nutritional value oil.


Uses of Sesame?

It is used in making sesame, fuel and soap. It is also used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. It is used against edema stones and liver patients and in the production of drugs that soften the intestines. It is used to make halva from the seeds, which are obtained by crushing the seeds without shells, and to make bagels and donuts from their seeds.


Benefits of Tahini?

Tahini, which many people consume, is an immune-boosting vitamin store thanks to the vitamins it contains. Having the feature of protecting the natural structure of the cells, tahini provides quick healing of open wounds.


To prevent cancer, specialists recommend consuming tahini. In addition, it is possible to have bright and smooth skin with tahini, which has a great contribution to heart and vascular health. Increasing the eyesight of the eyes, tahini also allows the removal of many harmful toxins and substances in the body.


Tahini, which is one of the richest foods in terms of vitamin E, has all the properties that it should have for body health. Thanks to vitamin E, which is an energy source for the body, it is possible to have an energetic body. Women who have just given birth have a milk-enhancing feature. Tahini, which has zero cholesterol value, reduces stomach problems, and it provides fullness for a long time with its late digestion.