About Jam

Jam is a kind of dessert made by boiling fruits with sugar in various ways. Although it is preferred to be consumed at breakfast, it is eaten at any time of the day and it is also used to sweeten them by applying it on some cakes, pastries and donuts.

How to Make Jam?

There are two kinds of jam making.

The first of these is to place the fruits in sugar for some time and then boil them.
The second is to directly boil the fruit or vegetable with jam syrup. The jam, which comes to the consistency as a result of boiling, is placed in storage containers (usually glass jars) . They are made airtight and their lids are closed


Jam is made from Many fruits and vegetables. There are some types of jams made by leave, such as rose jam. In recent years, new food processing technologies have been applied in industrial jam production, and thanks to the methods called pasteurized filling or hot fill, it has become possible to produce jam with a long shelf life, natural taste and appearance, and aroma-rich jam.