About Halva

It is possible to find Tahini Halva as the most indispensable of the desserts of palace tablesin Turkish, Arab, Jewish, Central Asia and Southern Europe cultures. It is made by grinding the roasted hulled sesame seed. Historically it has been so deeply popular that the first name or end of the dessert's name was described as halva. Although when the history of halva is researched, one can find mixed opinions as it came from Pakistan and India, but halva is 100% late Ottoman dessert and Turks own it. The word halva is a word that comes from Arabic and is for beautiful, pleasant, sweet.
With its cocoa, pistachio and plain varieties, Tunas Tahini Halva is rich with vitamins of group "B". In addition to its energy-giving feature, it also carries high values ​​in the form of protein, carbohydrate and calcium.